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The Pakistan Business Council was established in 2005 by fourteen of the country’s leading Corporates and Business Groups as an advocacy forum to improve the general business environment of the country.

Who We Are

Pakistan Business Council (PBC) is a business policy advocacy forum, comprising of private-sector businesses that have substantial investments in Pakistan’s economy. It was formed in 2005 by 14 (now 66) of Pakistan’s largest enterprises, including multinationals, to allow businesses to meaningfully interact with government and other stakeholders.

What We Do

Pakistan Business Council is a pan-industry advocacy group. It is not a trade body nor does it advocate for any specific business sector. Rather, our key advocacy thrust is on easing barriers for Pakistani businesses in the wake of progressive regional and global free trade, as well as improving national investment flows to match target GDP growth rates.

PBC works closely with relevant government departments, ministries, regulators and institutions, as well as other organizations and professional bodies. PBC has submitted key position papers and recommendations to Government on legislation affecting businesses. It is also represented on various taskforces and committees of Government of Pakistan as well as the State Bank, SECP and other regulators with the objective to provide policy assistance on new initiatives and reforms.

PBC also sponsors research to facilitate flow of relevant information to all stakeholders.


  • To provide for the formation and exchange of views on any question connected with the conduct of businesses in and from Pakistan.
  • To conduct, organize, set up, administer and manage campaigns, surveys, focus groups, workshops, seminars and field works for carrying out research and raising awareness in regard to matters affecting businesses in Pakistan.
  • To acquire, collect, compile, analyze, publish and provide statistics, data analysis and other information relating to businesses of any kind, nature or description and on opportunities for such businesses within and outside Pakistan.
  • To promote and facilitate the integration of businesses in Pakistan into the world economy and to encourage the development and growth of Pakistani multinationals.
  • To interact with Governments in the economic development of Pakistan and to facilitate, foster and further the economic, social and human resource development of Pakistan.

National Tax Number 2578037-9


Auditors: A.F. Ferguson & Co (PwC Pakistan)

Address: State Life Building 1-C, Off: I. I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, 74000 Pakistan

Telephone: 021-32426682-6, 021-32426711-5

Website: www.pwc.com.pk


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