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Agenda for Economic Reform


The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) addressed a press conference in which it urged the policy-makers in the parliament to finalize their economic reform agenda urgently and start its implementation to arrest the deteriorating economic condition of the country. PBC Chairman Mr. Asad Umar made a presentation at the occasion highlighting the risks to the economy and unrolled the PBC agenda for economic reforms. He also stressed the importance of the multi-parties dialogue on economic reforms and hoped that it will continue to find the solutions to rescue the ailing economy of Pakistan.

Pakistan Economic Forum

Address by PBC Chairman, Mr. Asad Umar, at the conclusion of the daylong session of the Pakistan Economic Forum (PEF). The purpose of the economic forum was to highlight and identify solutions for five key socio-economic areas, namely, energy, regional trade, social protection, macroeconomic stability and education. Panelists comprised of intellectuals, former senior civil servants and military officers, economists and business leaders from across the country.

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