PBC Strategy Session

The Pakistan Business Council held a daylong strategy session at LUMS to revisit the objectives of the council and evolve a strategy for the future to…
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NTC Workshop

The National Tariff Commission (NTC) held a well attended workshop at the PBC for its members’ on May 22nd. The objective of the workshop…
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Pakistan Economic Forum

Like all countries, Pakistan also faces a number of issues / challenges which change in terms of gravity and character over a period of time.
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Afghanistan – Overview

One of Pakistan’s top export partners, Afghanistan shares many trade, cultural and political ties with Pakistan. Afghanistan’s total bilateral trade in 2013 was $7 billion while bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan...
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PBC Delegation Visits '90

A delegation comprising senior members of the Pakistan Business Council (PBC) visited ’90 – the headquarters of the Muttahida Qaumi…
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Arbitration Bill

The preceding Arbitration Act of 1940 that governs domestic arbitration in Pakistan has several deficiencies. Under the Act, the parties are relatively...
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Pakistan-Canada Trade Overview

Pakistan’s exports to Canada in 2013 were $233.91 million, while imports came up $121.72 million, making bilateral trade in 2013 add up to $355.63 million..
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