Arbitration Bill

The preceding Arbitration Act of 1940 that governs domestic arbitration in Pakistan has several deficiencies. Under the Act, the parties are relatively...
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Pakistan-Canada Trade Overview

Pakistan’s exports to Canada in 2013 were $233.91 million, while imports came up $121.72 million, making bilateral trade in 2013 add up to $355.63 million..
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National consensus on economy needed

Such a consensus would help undertake fundamental reforms and develop a policy framework which can be deployed consistently, no matter who is in power, according to a short paper prepared by the council
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Holding Company Law

Pakistan Business Council collaborated with CBR, SECP and ICAP on a Holding Company Taskforce with its primary objective of addressing the issue of Group Relief.
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BIT Optimistic

Citing data obtained from the Office of the US Trade Representative, the PBC highlighted that the US government signed 41 investment treaties...
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Special Economic Zones

The idea of Special Economic Zones as hubs for foreign direct investment was pioneered in the 80's by Chinese Shenzhen, which has grown from...
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RGST Support

Being a premier representative organization of Pakistani enterprises, Pakistan Business Council strongly put its weight towards progressive...
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Broadening of Tax Base

Pakistan's narrow tax base and largely undocumented economy are twin problems that have constrained the economic development...
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Agenda for Economic Reform

The Pakistan Business Council (PBC) addressed a press conference in which it urged the policy-makers in the parliament to finalize their economic…
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