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Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB)

The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB) is the first of the Pakistan Business Council’s (PBC) outreach initiatives to build capacity and capability of businesses in Pakistan.

Be a multi-sector business coalition assisting Pakistani enterprises to pursue economic, social and environmental value creation in the short, medium and long term.


  • To engage with businesses and industry leaders and encourage the transformation towards the conduct of responsible (sustainable and inclusive) business in Pakistan.
  • To leverage private sector growth for inclusive development, poverty reduction and sustainability by following the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework.

CERB will leverage best practices of global businesses, PBC Members and others in Pakistan to inculcate a change in mind-set among businesses including small and medium-sized enterprises. It will enter into alliances with knowledge partners who have researched resources to contribute to its mission.

Its operations will comprise of an Online Research & Innovation Initiative as well as two interdependent Business Coalition Forums.

Online Research and Innovation Initiative
This will be developed as an online research portal with a determined effort to integrate the business research community with industry to develop world class research to support CERB’s strategic objectives outlined in its Mission.

Ethics, Values and Governance Forum
This forum promotes responsible practices which strengthen the formal sector in pursuit of sustainable value creation.

Inclusive and Sustainable Development Forum
This forum focuses on advocacy, research and training to enable generating livelihoods, promoting women’s empowerment and decoupling growth from its impact on the environment.

Advisory Council
CERB’s Advisory Council is an independent group of business, philanthropic and civic leaders committed to helping the Centre in achieving its mission by proactively identifying issues of importance and work programs related thereto, reviewing that the work programs continue to stay relevant, serving as a sounding board on all initiatives, advancing ideas for improvements in all aspects of the conduct of responsible business, including standards and best practices, and serving as ambassadors and advising the CERB’s leadership on measures to enhance its profile, resources, and effectiveness.

CERB’s Professional Network Group
Traditional business silos remain difficult audiences to engage with themes and concepts surrounding Long-term Value Creation and Inclusive & Sustainable Development. With a view to not only developing a medium of engagement but to also to make available global expertise, CERB has put together a body of eminent thought leaders to form its Professional Network Group (PNG). The members of this Group have relevant experience in the areas of Ethics, Business Culture, Governance, Social Impact, Gender Equality, Climate Action, etc., to assist practitioners in building consensus and secure buy-in within their respective organizations.

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