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Breaking Boundaries: Gender Equality in the Workplace

CERB is pleased to announce the first of its eighteen Practitioner Workshops that it will be conducting in collaboration with its Knowledge Partners, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), through the Pakistan firm of A. F. Ferguson & Co.

This event, Breaking Boundaries: Gender Equality in the Workplace, is one of the many interventions planned for CERB’s Inclusive & Sustainable Development Forum. It is a full day event that will not only showcase the good practices of PBC Member companies but also bring expert views on global trends by leading gender specialists with a High-level Panel Discussion on key issues surrounding Gender Equality. The afternoon will be devoted to a “hands-on” workshop led by PwC UK Consultants.

An e-brochure and registration form of the event is attached. The registered participants will get a free access to two recent PwC Global Research reports issued in February and March 2017 on Women in Work and on Inclusive Recruitment.

Date: Thursday, May 4, 2017
Venue: Bela Chambeli Juhu Hall, MovenPick Hotel, Karachi

Contact: Ms. Javeria Ameen on 021-35630531 (Ext – 313) or thorough email at cerb@pbc.org.pk for queries and registrations.

To download the Workshop Registration Form Click Here

To download the Brochure Click Here

Guest Speaker Sessions

The Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB) has been hosting Transformational Business Coalition Guest Speaker Sessions as part of its strategic objectives. A brief summary of the events hosted in past are as follows:

First Business Transformational Coalition Guest Speaker Session
Topic: “Why Behaving Ethically is So Hard”
Speaker: Dr. Tony Tan (Head of the Global Society Advocacy Engagement and Standards & Advocacy division for the CFA Institute for the Asia Pacific Region)

This event was aimed at illustrating how bad ethical behavior is rationalized within organizations. It was a thought provoking session revolving around examples related to the Cognitive Dissonance Theory and discussions on why under certain circumstances, ethical decisions are difficult choices with no right or wrong answers. There was a need therefore to institute an ethical model within each organization to build an ethical culture.

There were 19 participants representing more than 15 organizations including PBC member companies, known for pursuing best business practices in Pakistan. This session was organized under the Ethics, values & Governance Forum of CERB.

Second Business Transformational Coalition Guest Speaker Session
Topic: “Towards Adoption of Sustainable Practices for Businesses”
Speaker: Ms. Kulsum Ahmed (Climate and Sustainability Specialist, The World Bank)

The primary objective of the discussion was to inform and illustrate how companies can best adopt sustainable practices and how managers can make such practices to stick in their organizations. The session revolved around applications of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)s with an emphasis on SDG 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production”. A framework of implementation of the SDG was presented that would result in sustainable development, efficient use of natural resources and reduction of food wastes. This framework and the various tools outlined, would not only encourage sustainable practices within organizations but would allow progress to be measured and reported on a scorecard with the outcome that managers change the way goods get produced and the resources to achieve economic growth and sustainable development.

There were 25 participants representing 20 leading organizations of Pakistan. This session was organized under the Inclusive & Sustainable Development Forum of CERB.




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