CERB’s mission is to engage with businesses and industry leaders and enable the transformation towards the conduct of responsible business in Pakistan and to leverage private sector growth for inclusive development, poverty reduction and sustainability by following the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework.

In relation to Goal 5 “Achieving gender equality and empower all women and girls” of the United Nations SDG framework, CERB conducted a survey on gender diversity among the PBC member companies in partnership with CIRCLE. CIRCLE is a social enterprise focused on women’s economic empowerment and leadership development through advocacy, research and innovative leadership labs.

The aim of this baseline survey has been to explore current good work practices regarding gender diversity in the PBC member companies that will set a benchmark for other businesses in Pakistan and, over time increase productivity and gender diversity. The survey provides a snapshot for:

  • The representation of women in the workforce – the numbers of women in the company at various levels of management including women in top positions.
  • Company Culture – the policies which drive the overall culture of the company.
  • Equal pay-equal opportunities – does an equal pay policy exist and is the pay gap measured in companies.
  • Recruitment and Promotion – How does the pipeline look in the organization and the hurdles faced by companies in attracting and recruiting women.
  • Flexible work options – current practice of part – time opportunities, flexible work timings as well as work from home opportunities.
  • Leadership development, training and mentoring – training and development opportunities in the organization for women.

To download the Base-Line Survey Report Click Here

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